Hanoch Levin Quotes

New on the website: “Quoting Levin”


New on the website “Quoting Levin”: A place where you’re invited to share your artistic quotations from the work of Hanoch Levin

We are pleased to announce that we’re launching "Quoting Levin" – a new project here on our website. "Quoting Levin" will take the form of an inspiration board comprised of artwork based on the texts of Hanoch Levin, created by artists and art enthusiasts. On the page, you’ll find a variety of content – videos, songs, pictures, special illustrations, and unique projects created for or influenced by Hanoch Levin’s body of work. The page is updated regularly, and you’re invited to take a look each time you visit this website.

If you would like your work to appear on this page, send your Hanoch Levin inspired "quote" to [email protected]