The 22nd Anniversary of Hanoch Levin’s Passing


Levin’s plays, which captivated, shook, amused and excited audiences in Israel during the course of his life, have gone on to be performed and acclaimed abroad. 

Despite the fact that for the past year, the entire world has been coping with the Covid pandemic, Levin’s plays continued to be performed on stages all over the world, including in Germany, France, China, Hong Kong, the Ukraine, and of course, in Israel. 
The following Levin’s plays are currently running in Israel: at the Gesher theatre, "Bachelors and Bachelorettes", directed by Amit Epstien, and "Yakish and Puptche", and at the Cameri Theatre, "The Constant Mourner", directed by Ari Folman, and the legendary drama, "Requiem", directed by Hanoch Levin. 

You’re invited to keep updated about new productions with the calendar on the homepage of this site, where you can find descriptions of the plays, and links to purchase tickets.

Photo: Pessi Girsh