Morris Shimel


I see all of life as a stroll through a graveyard – names and dates.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 2010
Directed by: Ya'el Ronen
Theatre: Habima Theatre
Number of characters: 20
Subjects: Love, Relationships, Desire

Stage design: Lily Ben Nachshon

Costume design: Yelena Kerlin

Participants: Lia Kenig - Tollebreine; Avi Kushnir - Morris Shimel; Ami Smolarchik - Gordon Blue; Uri Hochman - Amos Poop; Tomer Sharon - Alexander Doch; Anna Dubrovutsky \ Rona Fromachenko - Shibolet Nerd; Mickey Rotstein - Kholedonka; Yossi Segal - Gompertz and Pumpel; Dvora Keidar - Telegreptsia and Telegreptsia; Roberto Polack - Heine-Mreine Bitterfeld, Old patient


Morris Shimel is torn between a dismal life and unobtainable aspirations, living surrounded by others as wretched as he is. He is a tragic character trapped in a comedy, whose want for his own fair share of happiness in the world is an inexcusable and arrogant sin given the miserable man that he is. Despite his despairing situation and the hopelessness of his aspirations - unobtainable as always in the Levinian reality - Morris Shimel is not even allowed to suffer with dignity. So pathetic is he, even his suffering can be no more than a comedy.

'Not even a tragedy... just a comedy with a smidgeon of contempt.' 

The play takes place in a surreal world populated by tragic-comic characters who, despite being grotesque, carry a grain of truth: truth in their pain, in their exposure to and unprotected dealings with the world, in their being humiliated and in humiliation at large, and in their struggle for a place in the world. The truth behind it all? The truth of wretchedness, and of accepting it. 

Additional productions

Tel Aviv University Theatre (2003) \ Directed by Edna Shavit

This work was translated to: Polish

Polish  ADIT Publishing, Poland (2015)