Ikhsh Fisher

Oh, beautiful walking meat-grinder, oh, guillotine ass, oh, puffy cheeked hangman! Thus shall I emerge once more into the world! Oh, what grandeur, what competence, what a woman, what godliness! To turn overnight the centre of my life to poop!

Translated by: Roi Alter

Premiere: 2010
Directed by: Roni Pinkovitch
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 11
Subjects: Sex

There once was a man called Ikhsh. Ikhsh Fisher. He pisses in the toilet. Feebly. He looks down to see what's up. He looks up again to see what's up. And what's up is his member has fallen down the toilet, washed down the drain into the sewage and carried out to sea. And so, Ikhsh follows it in an attempt to put it back in its rightful place. He sails great distances, reaches fantastic places he'd never dreamed of and meets people and creatures he's never met before. He finds himself discussing philosophy, mingling with the European nobility, and for a moment finds life's essence. 

The play Ikhsh Fisher dissects the physical body while elevating it from the bodily realm. It masterfully employs base physical elements such as faeces and the detached member as symbols of life and an aspiration of unity and wholeness in the face of oblivion and death, dismemberment and disintegration. 

Participants: Shmuel Vilodjny - Ikhsh Fisher / Keren Mor - Fenerbahche, Pzazamutra, Princess of Monaco / Moti Katz - Akira, Moshe the bear / Eran Sar'el - Khumbatukhes, Chilibovka, Gaston / Albert Cohen - Bronchos the fisherman / Yossi Rachmani - the General Custodian of Monaco, Waiter, Servant / Simon Krichli - Cook, Waiter, Servant

Director: Roni Pinkovitch

Original music: Yossi Ben Nun

Costume and stage design: Orna Smorgonsky

Light: Keren Garnak

Choreography: Renana Raz


Productions abroad

 2012 Warsaw, Poland

This work was translated to: Polish

Polish ADIT Publishing, Poland (2015)