Walkers in the Dark

A Nocturnal Vision

All of a sudden, in the midst of walking, your feet stop, you don’t have the strength to take even one more step. All at once you’re hit by such heavy despair that you turn to stone. Who will lift you up? Who will rescue you? Who will give you answers?

Translated by: Jessica Cohen and Evan Fallenberg

Premiere: 1998
Directed by: Hanoch Levin
Theatre: Habima Theatre
Number of characters: 30
Subjects: Search, Parent Child Relationships, Death, Family, The Human Soul

Costume and stage design: Rakefet Levi

Original music: Yossi Ben Nun

Lighting: Shai Yehudai

Participants: Dov Reiser - the Narrator; Avraham Mor - God; Yehuda Almagor - Walking man; Michael Koresh - Waiting man; Dror Keren - Evasive man; Louis Rosenberg - Squeezing man 1; Robert Henig - Squeezing man 2; Eliezer Apelboim - Squeezing man 3; David Kigler - Trivial man; Alex cohen - the Neighbor; Avaraham Plata - Evasive man's Canadian mother; Myriam Nevo - Mother of walking man; Alex Monte - Father of waiting man; Yitshak Levi - Tired dead man; Dan Harden - Diligent dead man; Lia Dolitskya - Bitter dead woman; Nahum Buchman - Shy dead man; Menorah Zahav - Gentle dead woman; Giora Shamai - Angry dead man; Shmuel Shiloh - Vulgar dead man; Mordechai Ben Zeev - Despairing dead man; Yossi Segal - Dead tot; Rina Rosenbaum - Sour dead woman; Walking man's mother's mother; Lupo Berkovitch - Walking man's mother father; Tkhia Danon - Trivial man's mother; Tzvi Kanner - Evasive man's dead mother; Avraham Selekter - Ass thought; Ofer Zohar - Pickled herring thought; Assi Hanegbi - Vague thought; Uri Avrahami - Murky thought; Tracy Abramovitch - Lajan thought; Alex Cohen - Pyramid thought; Avraham Plata - Chocolate thought; Tzvi Kanner; Trouser thought; Faniel Magon / Noy Barak - Child thought

Musicians: Gury Agmon - saxophone, clarinet, flute; Yossi Ben Nun - piano; Vered Yaacov: accordion, keyboard; Avner Yifat - contrabass; Roni Hollan - drums and percussion

Productions abroad

 2010 Belgium

This work was translated to: French, English

French  éditions Théâtrales, France (2001)