A play in four parts

It’s happened to me before that I saw wonderful teeth,
and the anus was completely blocked or eaten away.
And what happened? The slave ate but never took a shit,
lasted a week, got sick and died with all the shit in his stomach,
and I lost him together with all his teeth.
Thirty two teeth in the bin.

Ejection is more important than Ingestion, note that down.

Translated by: Naaman Tammuz

Premiere: 2013
Directed by: Tal Brenner
Theatre: Bikurey HaItim
Number of characters: 30
Subjects: Parent Child Relationships, Death, Mythology

Premiered at the Theatre of Bikurei Haitim Center (2013) / Directed by Tal Brenner

Stage design: Adam Keller

Costume design: Roni Vilojni

Original music and accompaniment: Kobi Lilian

Lighting: Yaakov Salib

Additional piano: Lior Pe'eri

Partcipants: Roni Einav - Dwarf, Fourth sewage shoveller's wife, Slave; Roni Goldfein - Her Mightiness ; Raheli Pinhas - Courtier of Her Mightiness' court; Omri Ravve - Fourth Sewage Shoveller; Erez Biton - His Greatness, Haggard slave ; Chen Gertie - Haggard slave's wife, Third sewage shoveller, Third angel. Courtier at His Corpulence's mansion ; Natalie Inimir - child, Fourth sewage shoveller's child ; Tom Chodorov - Pale fiancee, Third audience member, Slave driver  ; Nir Straus/Roee Nave - Head sentry, First audience member, His Corpulence ; Lavie Zytner - First sentry, Second audience member ; Meital Ner - Miracle worker, Second sewage shoveller, Secong Angel, Clown ; Yossi Yarom - Second sentry ; Revital Tamir - First sewage shoveller ; Amit Apeta - Fifth sewage shoveller ; Oded Or - Sentry at His Corpulence's mansion