The Deliberator

Akh, such a miserable life. Sleeping with Mashkanta while fantasizing about Peila. Peila is suddenly the pinnacle. So why am I here? Giving my life to Mashkanta for an apartment? What can I do with an apartment? Sit and chew at myself for losing Peila. But what’s the alternative? Sitting in a rented flat with Peila chewing at myself for even greater losses? And is that how it will be, I’ll always long for something better than I have? Even if I were to win Montblanc, I'd be sure to find some defect in her as well, a crossed eye, or a black tooth, or an annoying laugh, and long for someone more perfect than her.

Translated by: Roi Alter

Premiere: 1990
Directed by: Hanoch Levin
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 15
Subjects: Relationships, Parent Child Relationships, Desire, Sex

Costume and Stage design: Buky Shiff

Original music: Dan Handelsman

Lighting: Heather Carson

Choreography: Daniela Michaeli

Participants: Moni Moshonov - Kukloosh; Orly Zilbershatz-Banai - Peila; Inbal Avraham - Mont Blanc, Himalaya; Ruth Segal - Maridana; Alex Monte - Bainkes; Noga Paz - Mashkanta; Ya'acov Cohen - Lalko; Eliezer Apelboim - Putches; Yossef Carmon - Shpuk; Miri Fabian - Hoysa; Yael Amit - Kishta; Tzvika Shwarzberg - Spokesman of the US president; Ofer Golan - President of the US; David Koren, Adi Cohen, Sharon Cohen, Sara Gilon, Lior Masuri, Anat Efrati, Michal Dadashov, Sharon Sher - Undertakers, Doctors, Orderlies, US president's entourage.

Musicians: Tamar Handelsman - piano and keyboard; Micko Naronsky - keyboard; Avraham Felder / Itamar Argov - trumpet


This work was translated to: Polish

 Polish  ADIT Publishin, 2015