Who doesn’t want to make love,
Who doesn’t want to get married,
Who doesn’t want to have wine, music?
Who, after murdering, does not want
to till his garden

and stroke his children’s heads?

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 1997
Directed by: Omri Nitzan
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 30
Subjects: Violence, The Israeli Arab Conflict, Nationalism as Madness, Palestinians, Zionism

Participants: Evyatar Lazar - Pale soldier, Neighbor / Yoram Hatab - Blushy soldier, Neighbor / Erez Shafrir - Tanned soldier, Neighbor / Norman Issa - the Boy, Neighbor / Makram Huri - the Father, Feable worker / Yossi Yadin - the Messenger / Avi Taramin - Officer, Neighbor / Tchelet Semel - the Girl / Avri Arbel/Tomer Heldstein/Erez Levi/Michael Ronen - the Boy / Meirav Gruber - the Bride's Mother, Orange Prostitute / Alon Ofir/Alon Noyman - the Groom, Neighbor / Liat Glick/Osnat Fishman - the Bride, Neighbor / Ezra Dagan - the Groom's Father, Passer-by, Old Man / Ilan Dar - Guest / Salim Dau - Meager worker / Emuna Tzvi - Pink prostitute / Irina Shulman - Purple prostitute / Students of the Talma Yalin Highschool - Children


A Palestinian boy in his refugee-camp home, an Israeli bride and groom on their wedding night at the beach, an Arab worker in the city suburbs. An Arab-Israeli murder spectacle of four victims in three short acts.

Productions abroad

This work was translated to: English

English  Roi Alter and Kate Telfer (2018) / The Hanoch Levin Institute for Israeli Drama