The Thin Soldier

autonomous man, in the hierarchy of the world I have a place, albeit modest, albeit requiring supreme restraint, albeit could have been much better, but I’ve stopped complaining, I certainly have my own lot in the world, albeit ephemeral, albeit imaginary, albeit I don’t have it bad at all, albeit could have been better, albeit albeit you’re right, I’ve got it very bad, and I’m a lost man, no less than you, why not admit it when you feel like it, and why not deny it when you feel like it, forgive me, I no longer know what exactly I wanted to say.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen and Evan Fallenberg

Premiere: 2016
Directed by: Tal Brenner
Theatre: Akko Festival
Number of characters: 8
Subjects: Death, War, Repatriation

Directed by Tal Brenner

Costume design: Roni Vilojni

Light: Ziv Voloshin

Original music: Yehu Yaron

Accompaniment and singing: Nir Shlomo

Participants: Roee Assaf - the Thin soldier; Eyal Nachmias - the Fat soldier; Alaa Daka - the Crawling soldier; Nina Kotler - the Wife; Lotof Nweser - the Blind neighbor, the Mute neighbor, the Dead grandfather; Tommy Tzur - the Child


Sossya, the Thin Soldier, is finally returning home after five years at the front, concocting fictitious tales of valour to tell his wife and son on the way. On the doorstep of his house he meets the Fat Soldier who has already taken his place. The Crawling Soldier later joins them to stake his own claim - for his wife and son to acknowledge him, recognise him, and reassure him he's still himself. Can he at all exist, if no one acknowledges and recognises him? In the reality of an endless war, human identity crumbles to dust. 

Productions abroad

La Cartoucherie - Théâtre de la Tempête (2013) / Directed by Véronique Widock


This work was translated to: French

French  Jacqueline Carnaud, Laurence Sendrowicz, Éditions Théâtrales (2006)