The Lamenters

When we see a picture of unimaginable grief – a picture of loneliness, of meagerness and misery, of the end of all things – what pops into our mind is the thought of God…!

Translated by: Jessica Cohen and Evan Fallenberg

Premiere: 2000
Directed by: Ilan Ronen
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 11
Subjects: Old Age, Death, Illness, Greek Mythology Adaptation

Costume and stage design: Rakefet Levi

Original music: Yossi Ben Nun

Choreography: Daniel Akilov

Light: Avi Yona Bueno

Participants: Dov Navon, Makram Huri, Gabi Amrani - the Dying patients; Asjer Tsarfati - Agamemnon; Meirav Gruber - Clytemnestra; Sandra Schonwald - Cassandra; Yossef Carmon - Orderly; Shabtai Konorti - New dying patient; Roni Halperin, Simon Krichli, Roman Krichli, Shai Feinberg, Boaz Rosenberg - Orderly's helpers

Choir: Efrat Elazar, Keren Hadar, Shiri Lee-Weiss, Limor Oved, Anat Eyni, Hagar Rish

Orchestra: Gury Agmon - saxophone; Yossi Ben Nun - piano; Roni Hollan - drums; Avner Yifat - contrabass; Vered Yaacov - flute; Shuky Wolfus - trumpet


In a room at a Kolkata hospital, three patients lie in one bed - waiting to die. Since they suffer in great pain, the staff decide to entertain them by performing the Greek tragedy, "Agamemnon's Suffering and Death". And so the patients become - and not of their own volition - not only spectators, but minor actors in a play they didn't choose. 

Based on Aeschylus's classical play, the tragedy they enact tells the story of Agamemnon, King of Argos, who has returned home the victor after ten years at the Trojan war. His wife Clytemnestra, aided by her lover Aegisthus, murders him in the bath as revenge for his sacrificing their daughter, Iphigenia, before leaving for war. Then Clytemnestra goes on to murder Cassandra, Agamemnon's lover, who was brought as prisoner from Troy. 

In time, one of the patients dies when a new one takes his place.