Based on three stories by Anton Chekhov

Life led me, and I was led. I stood in the long queue to get my handful of sugar, the line was long, and my turn never came.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 1999
Directed by: Hanoch Levin
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 12
Subjects: Old Age, Search, Death, The Human Soul

Costume and stage design: Rakefet Levi

Original music: Yossi Ben Nun

Light: Shai Yehudai

Participants: Yossef Carmon - Old man; Zaharira Harifai - Old woman; Yitshak Hizkia - Driver; Florence Bloch - Prostitute with a mole; Sigalit Fuchs - Prostitute with a freckle; Shabtai Konorti - Medic; Gabi Amrani - Pumpkin shaped drunk; Shimon Mimran - Zucchini shaped drunk; Dror Keren - Happy cherub; Alon Noyman - Funny cherub; Dana Blei - Sad cherub; Sandra Schonwald - the Mother; Simon Krichli - Old man's cabin; Yossi Rachmani - the Horse; Roman Krichli - the Medic's cabin; Shai Feinberg - the Tree man; Tal Ben Bina, Shani Treisman, Irit Bashan, Ronit Zlotin - black people; 

Singers: Keren Hadar, Limor Oved, Yael Tzvi

Musicians: Yossi Ben Nun, Shmuel Elbaz, Shuki Wolfus, Avner Yifat


The last play directed by Hanoch Levin

Somewhere, in a desolate village at the edge of a vast land lived two old people, a husband and wife. They took ill and died, lamenting their unfulfilled lives. A young mother holding her dying baby boy, walked through fields looking for a remedy. But the baby died. A mule driver who lost his son drove a group of prostitutes and drunkards in his cart, and yet had no one to share in his pain; his passengers were in the pursuit of happiness. Cherubs who happened to be passing by, collected the souls of the dead. 

(From the programme)

Productions abroad

2009 Bacau, Romania
2010 Brazil
2010 Serbia
2011 France
2012 Mexico
2012 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012 Moscow, Russia

This work was translated to: English, German, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Russian

English Miryam Shlezinger / Barbara Harshav / Dr. Keren Elkalay-Gott and Roy Tartakovsky

French Laurence Sandrovitz

German Naomi Nir Blaemeling

Romanian Leana Strachi / Dennis Idel

Russian Mark Sorasky

Chinese Dr. Ping

Greek Yaacov Shibi