Suitcase Packers

A comedy with eight funerals

In my mind’s eye I saw my life differently. People crowding around me in order to shake my hand. And here I am looking around me – no crowding! Loads of free space.

Translated by: Naaman Tammuz

Premiere: 1983
Directed by: Mike Alfreds
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 30
Subjects: Love, Relationships, Search, Family

Stage design: Ruth Dar

Original music: Rafi Kadishzon

Participants: Avraham Plata - Shabtai, Bruno; Ruth Segal - Bianca; Hanni Nachmias - Nina; Tiki Dayan - Bella; Zaharira Harifai - Henia; Shabtai Konorti - Elhanan; Tzvi Pearl - Tzvi; Ilan Dar - Munya; Yossef Carmon - Motke; Hanna Rot - Tsipora; Aharon Almog - Avner; Lesha Rosenberg - Angela; Albert Cohen - Alberto; Dror Teplitsky - Elisha; Aliza Rosen - Prostitute; Perry Meroz - Hassidic Jew, Paramedic; Shmuel Edelman - Hassidic Jew, Undertaker; Tamir Rozanis - Paramedic, Hassidic Jew


Six families, five lovers, three bachelorettes, nine dead, eight funerals, four widows, eleven suitcases, a baby, an American, an homosexual, a prostitute, a stutterer and a hunchback, all deeply unhappy.

(From the programme)

Additional productions

The Nissan Nativ Acting Studio (2008) / Directed by Moshe Kalif

The Cameri Theatre (2011) / Directed by Udi Ben Moshe 

Productions abroad

2003 University of Columbia, USA
2006 Bulgaria
2006 Warsaw, Poland
2012 Moscow, Russia
2013 Budapest, Hungary
2013 Lublin, Poland

This work was translated to: Polish, French

French  Laurence Sendrowicz and Jacqueline Carnaud, Théâtrales Publishing (2006)

Polish    ADIT Publishing, Poland (2009)