You and Me and the Next War

He who sees the dead has nothing to say, he cuts his losses and walks away.

In eleven minutes we managed to destroy, eradicate, scatter, trample, shatter, slice, dice, smash and crush our enemies. True, the battle was not easy. We paid a bloody price. But upon confronting death, we looked it in the eye, laughed in its face, spat on its scythe, and befouled the holes in its skull until its own mother was ashamed of it.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 1968
Directed by: Edna Shavit
Theatre: Bar-Barim Club
Number of characters: 4
Subjects: The Israeli Arab Conflict, Nationalism as Madness, War

"You and Me and the Next War" premiered at the Bar-Barim Club in August 1968, directed by Edna Shavit.

Music: Alex Cagan, Benny Nagari

Piano: Dorit Goldwasser

Producer: Dani Tracz

Additional productions

Between 2004 and 2008 the play was re-staged with its original cast: Shifra Milstein, Rami Peleg, Bat-Sheva Tseizler, Gad Keynar, and piano accompaniment by Bert Berman. A recording of the production was released on CD.