A cruel operetta

A dead person, even one with his balls in the grave,
will never scratch them again
a live person, even without balls to caress,

to a hundred and twenty can still scratch his ass

Translated by: Roi Alter

Premiere: 1979
Directed by: Hanoch Levin
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 13
Subjects: Violence, Death, Mythology, Revenge

Costume ans stage design: Ruth Dar

Original music: Foldi Shatzman

Participants: Yossi Polak - Yellow Spots / Yitshak Hizkia - Cold Sweat / Dob Reizer - Shivers of Terror / Sasson Gabbay - A Thousand Eyes / Israel Gurion - Sweet is the Bitterness of Death / Sassi Sa'ad - That is Vulgarism / Dafna Armoni - Autumn Smiles / Tal Amir - the Serenity of Nature / Estee Kosovitski - And the Skies Laughed / Zaharira Harifai - the Mother / Yossef Carmon - the Father / Tikva Dayan - the Woman / Dan Shemer - Beadle

Choir: Dvori Borshtein / Nancy Galapand; Yael Erez / Liora Levi, Varda Shilo / Marian Preger; Avi Shiloh / Dror Green; Ra'anan Shefa / Arye Borshtein

Musicians: Micha Blecherovitz - conducting and piano / Edna Buchman - harp / Menashe Ragib - trumpet / Mickey Dor - trombone / Benny Kadishzon/Ofer Shalkhin - drums / Naftali Gurevitch/Haim Cagan - cello