Winter Funeral

A burlesque in eight scenes

I don’t go looking for trouble and I don’t open doors! I want to marry off my daughter Velvetzia tomorrow, that’s all, four hundred guests and eight hundred chickens are already waiting for tomorrow, and I’m not going to risk the chuppah which has cost me my entire life and all my savings, for whatever it is which might be waiting to ambush me behind that door! I don’t want to see anyone and I don’t want to hear about anything which isn’t to do with the wedding!
From now until the end of the wedding, the entire earth can be destroyed for all I care – I’m lifting this chuppah tomorrow! To sleep!

Translated by: Naaman Tammuz

Premiere: 1978
Directed by: Hanoch Levin
Theatre: Habima Theatre
Number of characters: 14
Subjects: Death, Family

Costume and stage design: Moshe Sternfeld

Original music: Foldi Shatzman

Participants: Shmuel Segal - Lajcek Bobijcek; Shoshana Doar - Alte Bobijcek, Shahmandrina; Lia Kenig - Shratzia; Avraham Ronay - Rasches; Sandra Sade - Velvetzia; Slomo Bar Shavit - Tsitskeiva; Mosko Elkalay - Baraguntseleh; David Stern - Poppochenko; Israel Becker - Prof. Kippernai; Pesach Gotmark - Rosenzweig; Natan Volfovitch - Lichtenstein; Gideon Zinger - Samuelov; Meirav Geri - Pshoshitzia


Additional productions

The Library Theatre (1995) / Directed by Uri Paster


Productions abroad

2009 Hungary (in Romanian)

2009 Luxembourg
2010 New York, US
2010 Toulouse, France
2010 Romania
2012 Torun, Poland
2013 Poland

This work was translated to: English, Polish, French, Romanian

English   By Laurel Hessing and David Williger 

French    éditions Théâtrales (2009)

Polish     ADIT Publishing, Poland (2009)