Submissive and Defeated

You are not all that mighty, I am not all that tiny. That’s the trouble—the middle. It’s the middle that will kill us.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 1988
Directed by: Hanoch Levin
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 7
Subjects: Love, Relationships, Desire

Costume and stage design: Ruth Dar

Original music: Dan Handelsman

Lighting: Brian Harris

Participants: Geta Munte - Bebra; Tkhia Danon - Hoteck; Moshe Ivgi - Bruch; Avraham Shoshner - Bula; Shmulik Levi - Shplitska; Yehoyachin Friedlander - Itsaho; Yaacov Cohen - Servant

Musicians: Yaacov Furman - violin; Morton Kam - clarinet, bass clarinet; Smadar Handelsman/Dan Handelsman - piano