Bachelors and Bachelorettes

A Comedy

You naive women, you geese: We, men, want many things, but more than anything else we want to be left alone.

Translated by: Naaman Tammuz

Premiere: 2002
Directed by: Eldad Ziv
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 5
Subjects: Relationships, Desire, Sex

Costume and stage design: Ruth Dar

Original music: Danny Sanderson

Lighting: Felice Rose

Participants: Rami Baruch, Orna Banai, Irit Kaplan, Nadav Asulin, Alon Dahan


A comedy about loneliness and unfulfilled love. Zneidookh wants an exciting bride, but prefers to sleep. Flotsika wants to go to the Rabbinical Authorities at 6am the following morning to beat the crowd. Khrabino wants Flotsika, Ostwind wants Bulba. Zneidookh both wants and renounces Flotsika and Bulba. Flotsika wants and renounces Zneidookh, and possibly Khrabino.

Great passions. Burning loves. Filth and intrigue. This play yields no weddings.

"What’s the dream and what’s reality? What’s serious, what’s nonsense?On one hand eh, and on the other hand meh, and in the middle – me."

Productions abroad

2004 Budapest, Hungary 
2008 Novosibirsk, Russia 
2011 Donetsk, Ukraine 

This work was translated to: Russian

Russian   Dramaturgy Now (publication distributed to 600 theatres in Russia) (2004)