Solomon Grip

You shall marry your death in a quiet ceremony, much as a hunchback marries an old lady.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 1969
Directed by: Hillel Ne'eman
Theatre: The Open Theatre
Number of characters: 5
Subjects: Relationships, Desire, Illness

The play was first performed at the Open Theatre in May 1969. The production was directed by Hillel Ne'eman who also took the title role of Solomon.

Costume and Stage Design: Matti Grinberg

Music composition: Micha Segal

Participants: Hillel Ne'eman - Solomon; Rachel Levi - Partsiflocha; Nahum Shalit - Yehoshua; Israel Gurion - Barmeli; Rami Col - Glakhte

Additional productions

The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv (1981) / Directed by Hanan Snir


This work was translated to: Polish

Polish  ADIT Publishing house (2015)