Mouths Agape

A play with two acts, a prologue and an epilogue

Let him have it, let him have one more moment. After all, what is this about? Not childhood dreams or youthful passions, not conquering the world, not love, not even batting a fly off one’s eyelid. This is about the final dozen breaths. This is about how we will breathe them: Quietly? Raspingly? With eyes shut? Or torn wide? In pain? In resignation? And the very last breath itself—what will it be like? How will we spend it? Will it stop in mid-inhalation or mid-exhalation? That is what this is about.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 1995
Directed by: Robert Sturua
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 14
Subjects: Mythology

A sentry of the Queen's palace has his eyes gouged out and is slaughtered.

What's it all about? Not childhood dreams or youthful aspirations; not world domination, or love, or even chasing away an annoying fly. 

It's about our dozen or so final breaths. It's about how we'll breathe them: In silence? In gasps? With eyes open? In sleep? In pain? In acceptance? And that one final breath, how will that be? How will we experience it? Will it cease on the inhale or the exhale? That's what it's about. 


Costume and Stage design: Miron Shevalidze

Original music: Yossef Brandashvily

Light: Robert Sturua, Miron Shevalidze

Participants: Irina Selzenyova - the Mother; Tommy Yoel Pinkovitch - the Child; Yossi Yadin - the Man; Shuli Rand - Mouth open; Yonatan Cherchi - Onlooker; Efron Etkin / Uri Hochman - Chamberlain; Erez Shafrir - Confessor; Shimon Mimran - Torturer; Yossef Carmon - Frowner; Evyatar Lazar - Head-dwindler; Alexander Cohen - Undertaker; Shmuel Edelman, Nir Erez, Eitan Naveh, Rami Amit - Messengers