Queen of Bathtub

A satirical review in two acts

He who sees the dead has nothing to say, he cuts his losses and walks away.

Translated by: Jessica Cohen

Premiere: 1970
Directed by: David Levin
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre
Number of characters: 5
Subjects: The Israeli Arab Conflict, Settlement in Eretz Israel, Nationalism as Madness, War, Palestinians, Zionism

Participants: Tiki Dayan, Yossi Graber, Germaine Unikovsky, Israel Gurion, Nahum Shalit

Director: David Levin

Original music: Zohar Levi

Stage design: Buky Schwartz

Musicians: Yossi Menahem, Zohar Levi, Avraham Fangas, Robert Chik


Additional productions

The Tel Aviv University Department of Theatre Arts (2010) / Directed by Marat Parkhomovsky


This work was translated to: Polish

 Polish  ADIT Publishing, Poland