The Constant Mourner

You will yet find out what alone is! Now you are stunned, something inside you still protests: ‘How can this be?! How can it?’ But the surprise shall pass, and it’s strange how quickly facts are established. The bitter news of yesterday becomes a part of your life, and you will live with it — you and it, a man and his hump. The pain will grow dull, the sharp point will grow blunt, your life will become a cold ember, and only from time to time, in the soul’s wicked game, shall the certainty unravel, and you will once again be scorched by the pain of initial surprise, a pain whose force knows no boundaries, and

you will scream: ‘He is dead! He is dead! He…’

Translated by: Jessica Cohen and Evan Fallenberg

Premiere: 2020
Directed by: Ari Folman
Theatre: The Cameri Theatre

Stage design: David Polonsky

Costume design and artistic consultant: Orna Smoragonsky

Choreography: Andrea Constanzo Martini

Video: Yoav Cohen

Light: Nadav Barnea

Musical production: Efrat Ben-Tzur and Omer Hershman

Original music and singing: Efrat Ben-Tzur

Participants: Morris Cohen, Yoav Levi, Maya Landsman, David Shaul, Eran Mor, Tal Weiss, Shoham Sheiner, David Bilenka, Yossi Segal, Uri Ravitz, Eran Sar'el, Yossi Kantz. 

Dancers: Leer Katz, Or Ashkenazi, Tamar Henig, Tamar Rosenzweig, Shai Kocoi, Noam Ilan. 

Musicians: Omer Hershman, Einav Jackson Cohen, Giori Politi


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