The Labour of Life

What good will a psychologist do me?
He also wants to run away from his wife.

Translated by: Naaman Tammuz

Premiere: 1989
Directed by: מיכאל גורביץ'
Theatre: Habima Theatre
Number of characters: 3
Subjects: Relationships, Old Age

Costume and stage design: Ruth Dar

Original music: Yoni Rechter

Light: Michael Liberman

Participants: Nissim Azikr - Yona; Lia Kenig - Leviva; Shimon Lev Ari - Gunkel, Gil Netanel, Lior Ravid - the Children

Piano: Dani Donner

Additional productions

Beit Lessin Theatre, Tel Aviv (1999) / Directed by Oded Kotler

Beut Lessin Theatre (2012) / Directed by Roni Pinkovitch


Productions abroad

2001 Nairobi, Kenya
2003 Bucharest, Romania
2006 France
2006 Budapest, Hungary
2007 France
2008 Miskolc, Hungary
2009 France
2010 Brussels, Belgium
2010 Lille, France
2011 Poland
2011 France (3 seperate productions)
2011 Bucharest, Romania
2011 Miskolc (two ongoing productions)
2012 Paris, France

This work was translated to: English, Polish

English  Stanford University Press, 2003

Polish     ADIT Publishing, 2015